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    An exclusive deal for Atlantic Ave.'s most loyal fans

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    Some say that on a brisk spring morning, not unlike this one, if you listen closely you can hear echoing down from the mountains in San Marzano that majestic call, "TIMES TWOOOO."  Though we can't be sure of its meaning, here at Atlantic Ave. we'll just keep doing what we do best: making delicious sauce for you to eat.  

    So here's the deal: head over to The Atlantic Ave. Co, and buy up all the sauce your kitchen cabinets can handle.  Then at checkout, use the promo code TIMESTWO andwe will double your order.  That's right: any Red Sauce order over $20 earns you 2x Red Sauce with the code TIMESTWO.  Is today a great day, or the greatest day?

    THIS WILL WORK TODAY ONLY, SO IF YOU'VE BEEN WAITING TO TRY OUR RED SAUCE, NOW IS YOUR BEST CHANCE.  It's a little "Thank You" to our earliest supporters.  

    - Some minor stipulations: applies to Red Sauce only, and not the new Quartet bundles or coffee.  Just add as much sauce as you want to your cart (make sure it's over $20), enter the code on checkout, and we'll ship out twice that amount of sauce.  

    New Offering: Red Sauce Quartets

    (Save over 15%)

    Not sure which of our hand-made Red Sauces to try?  Or are you searching for a gift for an ardent sauce lover like yourself?  We'll fill up a package with one of each variety (Pancetta, Porcini, Roasted Eggplant, and Extra Virgin) in the 32oz portion to send your way.  

    If you have specific preferences (remember, all but Pancetta are vegan) you can let us know in the comments section when you check out.  Eat up!

    *note - not compatible with Two Times Tuesday*
    Now Live: Product Reviews

    Tried Atlantic Ave.'s products before?  We would love your feedback.  Product reviews are now posted on all items, and having a few up there will help many, many more people through search engines.  

    So if you like us, or if you like food, head over to this page and throw a star-review or a little blurb onto whichever products you think have earned it.  
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