• Our First New Retail Location in NYC

    A Few Big Announcements - We need your help on this first one

    We've been working hard in the last few weeks to make it even easier to find Atlantic Ave.'s Red Sauces and specialty coffees. 

    You can now find us in six retail locations, and for the first time Atlantic Ave. is available in Manhattan!  Westside Market on Broadway and 110th is carrying us in one of its four locations, and we couldn't be more excited.  It's run by a great group of people, and we love their appreciation for artisan foods.  If Atlantic Ave. performs well at that first store, they'll roll us out to the others.  

    Here's where you come in: we need to rally our biggest fans to make the trek up to the UWS to buy a jar or two of your favorite Red Sauce.  If enough people can make it up to 110th & B'way, there's a good chance you'll be seeing Atlantic Ave. a bit closer to home.  

    To sweeten the pot: Mention @AtlanticAveCo in a Facebook photo at Westside Market, and we'll include a free jar of our hand-made Red Sauce in your next online order.  



    Our first store in Manhattan?

    Yeah, we crushed that.  

    Last week I asked you to stop by our good friends at Westside Market on 110th & Broadway, and while you're there maybe pick up a jar or two of Red Sauce.  You came through in a big way, and the store is SOLD OUT of its first order (save a few stragglers.)

    Don't worry though - I'll be delivering double their first order on Friday, and will be doing another tasting as well.  So come by Westside Market from 12pm-6pm, Friday 5/16 to get some Red Sauce and an espresso!

    Also, don't forget to order your Saucescription today!

    La Famiglia
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